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As the famous spanish saying goes "The Belly rules the mind, and endorsing this quote is calicut city which is very famous for food in general,people here have a pecullar taste for food and always look for variety and quality in the food served.They love to gorge on all kinds of dishes.Also,there are countries people from outside the city,who come here in search of the same uniqueness.The world class restaurants in Markaz Knowledge City will cater malabar,arabian and turkish cusines along with the splended scenic views of the city.To make it more special and unique there will also be a 'sweet junction' where you can find the mix of malabar,arabian and turkish sweets and deserts.only halal food will be availble throughout the city"

Malabar,the northeren Kerala is a mix of cultures.Malabar cusine is popular for its variety of pancakes and steamed rice cakes made from pounded rice.Malabar food is generally midly flavoured and gently cooked.The list of variety food items is endless that even it has became the part of food palette among citizens of middle eastern countries

Since time immemorial people from malabar have made the arab countries their place of employement as well as various business.Thus,after having spent years in those countries,Arabic,Cusines have become an intergral part of their pallet and suit their taste buds,which in turn have been responsible for the springing up of a wide array of arabic dinners city.We shall find packed lunch and dinner restaurants due to huge demand for these variant cuisines

Turkish cuisine is largley the heritage of Ottoman cuisine,which can be described as a fusion and refinement of central asian,Caucasian,Middle Eastern,Mediterranean and Balkan cusines.Creating a vast array of specialties