unani medical college & hospital

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The Unani Medical College & Hospital campus in Markaz Knowledge City, is the ultimate solution in natural method of treatment. The hospital offers based on teachings of Greek and Roman physicians, and developed in to an elaborate form of treatment by Arabs & Persians. Developed through the ages, the Unani medicine system offers treatment in most of today’s common diseases including that of Liver, Diabetics, Hypertension, Digestive disorders etc. Unani system of medicine is considered as an effective solution for Orthopedic, Neurological & psychiatric disorders.

The Unani Hospital & College in Markaz Knowledge City campus intends to provide world class treatment with reference to Unani medicine and also impart in depth education regarding the ancient systems of curing through various courses.The College is to function as a Study cum Research center to uplift Unani Medicine. The College will offer Degree courses relevant with Unani System of Medicine.

This initiative to promote the traditional method of treatment, is sure to make a dramatic change in the present medical scenario. complete solution to health problems of the city natives & dependents through Unani Medicine System.The Unani System of treatment refers to an ancient Greco – Arabic medicine

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