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Ayurveda - Where body, mind and soul fuse together !

Boasting of more than 5000 years of heritage and tradition, Ayurveda is oldest healthcare system in the world. Now part of the ever evolving world of health care, Ayurveda stands tall for physical, mental and spiritual growth of mankind. Ayurveda is all about helping to achieve the right balance where the diagnosis is done mainly focusing on the basic elements of human body vatha, pitha and kapha. Markaz Knowledge City brings this invaluable and most traditional way of treatment with all the state of the art modern facilities to its residents taking the ever growing demands in to consideration as it is not just a healthcare system anymore for the people of Kerala, but the very part of their day to day life.

Why Ayurveda Health Care in Markaz Knowledge City

The recent development and progress in health tourism has attracted many foreign nationals to visit Kerala. People are becoming more and more health conscious and are on the lookout for natural ways to keep healthy and fit. Since Markaz Knowledge City is strategically located at Kaithpoyil, Calicut it is near to the border of Kerala's tourism district Wayanad. The cool weather and monsoon here, availability of natural herbs and availability of medicinal plants throughout the year is totally suitable for Ayurvedic treatment and health tourism making it the paradise for tourists across the globe. In fact, Kerala is the only state in India which practices Ayurveda with sheer dedication. Body detoxification, rejuvenation, weight loss program , therapy for different body ailments, treatment package for arthritis and Joint problems , treatment for migraine , spine and neck care programs , stress and strain relieving program etc will be a few among the services which comes under this component.

Investment Opportunities for the Apartment Owners

Health tourism facilities, other tourist attractions and adventure activities, cool weather, availability of world class restaurants in the city etc will attract people all over the world to flow in to this unique City. Making each rupee invested to return serious revenue.

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